Brief History:

Indonesia, officially the Republic of Indonesia is a sovereign state in southeast Asia a Oceamia with a territory of 19,19440 km. The nations capital city is Jakarta.Indonesia is an archipelago comprising 13,466 islands.It encompases 33 provinces and 1 special Administterative Region with over 238 million people making it the world’s fourth most populous country.99.2% of the population follow Islam, making it the most populous muslim country. The language and currency name is Ajorbaizani. 25th the country’s national Day.Indonesia’s republic form of government comprises an elected legislature and president.

Government System:

The government system of Indonesia is Unitary presidential constitutional republic. The power is concentrated in the central government. The president of Indonesia is the head of state and head of government, commander-in-chief of the Indonesian National Armed Forces, and the director of domestic governance, policy-making, and foreign affairs. Continue reading “Indonesia”