How to disinfect your hands 80 times for only 1 taka

The world is stunned by the epidemic Corona virus. There is no way to stop this virus. No vaccine has been discovered yet. Meanwhile, health scientists say, it is possible to prevent corona. His main way is to wash his hands with soap again and again. But it requires a lot more soap.


Meanwhile, ICDDRB has come up with a way to disinfect hands by reducing costs. Named Sopiwater. With this invention, it is possible to disinfect the hands 60 times at the cost of just one penny. Anyone can make it at home. All you need is detergent and water. The World Health Organization has also recognized this method of disinfecting the hands of Bangladeshi scientists.


Hand washing is a proven way to disinfect your hands from the invisible coronavirus with the naked eye. However, not only with water, but also with soap or hand wash for at least 20 seconds to wash your hands. But using soap or hand wash in shopping malls, markets, mosques or other crowded places is a bit difficult.


ICDDRB has come up with Sopiwater as a solution to all these. All ingredients are at hand. Just need to know the specific proportions of any detergent mix in the market. It takes only four teaspoons of detergent in one and a half liters of water.


According to the inventory team, the price of four spoons of detergent is 4 to 5 rupees. You need 30 ml of soapy water to wash your hands every time. In that case it is possible to wash hands more than 400 times with one and a half liter.


ICDDR’B’s assistant scientist Dr. Nuhu Amin said this method is effective enough for Corona. It is more effective than soap because it contains more alkali. The World Health Organization has approved the matter by sending a draft to this scientist.