Drinking too much water is harmful for the body

Someone rightly said that “nothing is too good”, which is also true of food chess. Like drinking water, there is nothing healthier for our body than water But can I drink any amount of water? According to experts, drinking too much water can spread water toxins or hyponatremia in the body.

What is water poisoning?

The human body needs water very much, without water many chemical functions of the body can be bad Drinking water keeps our body temperature right, stomach cleanses and all physical activities run smoothly. But drinking too much water can cause our body to lose sodium suddenly The amount of sodium needed by the body to function normally can be harmful to us by mixing too much water

According to Parmeet Kaur, a senior dietitian at Narayana Hospital in Gurugram, “Drinking too much water can increase our blood levels and put a lot of pressure on our kidneys.”

What happens if you drink too much water other than water poisoning:

  1. After the pressure on your heart

Your heart’s job is to pump blood throughout the body, but if you drink too much water, your body’s blood levels will increase, so will your heart’s work.

  1. Your cells will swell

Drinking too much water causes the blood to become turbid, and the amount of electrolyte cells in the blood decreases. Now the water runs to the cells to match this mismatch, and so they swell.

  1. Potassium in the body is reduced

Potassium is the most important mineral in the body But if there is too much water in the body, this mineral can only be depleted and can cause a breakdown in your body. In this situation you may feel body aches, chest pains, irritable mood etc.

So how much water should you drink?

According to experts, you should drink water only when you are thirsty Or as Parmeet Kaur says, if it is very hot, 1 to 1.5 liters of water should be consumed