Mnadi: A gateway to Kulu Valley

Kulu Valley

Laying on the either bank of the river Beast at the foothills of the Shivalik range. Mnadi is a gateway to Kulu Valley.Rich in its heritage of history ,culture,lore and lagend, Mandi acquired its name because all trade from Ladakh passed on to Hoshiarpur through here.

The term ‘Mandi’ as is well-known, means busy market.But many scholars believe that the term Mandi is derived from the name of sage Mandavvya who performed rigorous penance in ancient times. Mandi has a number of temples dating back to antiquity.The prominent ones among them are Bhuthnath,Trilokath, Panchavaktra,Ardhakari and Shyamli temples.The Shiv-Ratri festival is celebrated with great pomp and enthusiasm.

Mandi is 202 kms. North of Chandigrah and 110 kms south of Manali. The sacred Rewalsar Lake is 24 kms beyond Mandi.The airport at Kulu (60kms) is the nearest airport.Fifty six kms away, Joginder Nagar,is the bearest railhead.It is also well conectioned by all-weather metalled roads to many big towns of the region . For stay,there are Tourist Lodge,its Annexe , and many other smaller places.For reservation the Mnager,Tourist Lodge, Mandi (Tel:575) may be contracted.

Around Mandi there are many temples and old shrines at some distance which are the favourite spots for the devout.Rawalsar ,sundar Nagar,Joginder Nagar,Prashar Temple,Bilaspur,Gobindsagar are some of the prominent and popular spots.For visiting these shrines it is better to make Mandi as the base station and visit these temples.