Jammu and Kashmir the World’s Heaven



Jammu: Winter-Average 20*C .

SummerAverage 35*C.

Srinagar: Winter-Average Below 0* to 30*

Summer Average

Langusge: Kashmiri,Dogri,Ladakhi.

Best Season: April-Octor & December-January.

Area: 2,22,236 sq.kms. (provisional).

Population: About 80 lakhs.


The second largest city of the state and its summer capital ,Jammu is situated on a Shivalick hillock,with the river .Tawi flowing by at the foot of the hill.Jammu is said to have been founded by Jamboo Lochan some 3,00years back.The city has long been a centre of Indian culture and arts.It is especially famous for its exquisite Pahari School of miniature Paintings. There are many Hindu,Muslim and Sikh shrines, but the best known is Raghunath Temple in the heart of the city ,built in 1835.60 kms. North-east of Jammu is the famous shrine of Vaishno Devi. The holy cave shrine situated at the altitude of 5,300 feet is visited by thousands of devotees every year.The traditional pilgrimage is made during the Navaratra preceeding Dussehra in October and preceeding Ram Navmi in late March or April.


Jammu city in itself has nothing much to offer besides acting as the resting place for pilgrims going to Vaishno Devi or tourists going to Srinagar .Thus Jammu is a gateway for the Valley of Kashmir.

(a) BAsohli

East-South of Jammu near Dalhousie (Himachal) is Basohli,the birth place of renowned art of Pahari Miniatures.It is in tradition of the great Ajanta Art. Its wide spread influence can be seen on many other schools popular in Jammu and neighbouring Himachal.

(b)Sudh Mahadeva

Situated oon the banks of river Devaka, Sudh Mahadev is associated with many Shiva myths. Pilgrims in thousands congregate at the shrine during the three days festival of Ashadh-Purnima in July-August.There is a regular bus service to Sudh Mahadev from Jammu,however ,an eight kilometer pleasant walking or jeepable road connects Sudh Mahadev with beautiful hill resort of Patnitop on Jammu-Srinagar highway.

(ii) The Kashmir Valley

Kashmir is described variously as the paradise on earth ,the dream-land, the choicest creation of God,etc. Jehanghir is said to have quoted the following Persian Sher in praise of Kashmir . Gar Firdaus BavRoo-e-Zemin-ast Hamin asto,Hamin asto,Hamin ast.

The same sheri is etched in the walls of the Diwan-i-Aam in Red Fort Delhi which means if there be paradise anywhere on the earth; it is here,it is here ,it is here! The vale of Kashmir in its sheer beauty and enchantment surpasses even the imagination . Kashmir is unmatched by any other country for its prestine loveliness,placid lakes reflecting like a mirror,the scenic beauty,green meadows laced by gurbling streams,luxurious houseboats,stately chinar,tall snow capped mountain, the highest golf course in the world,flowers of many hues and scents and the proverbial beauty of its maidens.