Dharuka Monsa Bari at Shariatpur

32262_100436186668811_671059_n-300x225The shadar upazilla of present shariatpur is palong . Dhanuka village is situated in the North side of the shadar upazilla .This area was included in Bikrampur Pargana.Like the story of Dhanuka village,that is spreaded in the proverb,the importance of archaeology of this village has also been said in different time.An important archaeological place of middle age is found here which displays its history.That is known as,especially,Moiyurbhathaya cottage or Monsa cottage. Except archaeological sign,Moinyurbhattaya cottage and Monsa cottage has have also two legends.

Monsa cottage is situated in about kilometere North side from the shariatpur Deputy commissioner office . There are five buildings in this sottage.Though most of the buildings are almost destroyed and decayed,some of them still stand with pride and pride,inspite of their old age . according to the local sayings and building beauty ,archaeologist assumed that the buildings were used as Monsa temple,kali temple,Nahabat khana and living room or educational institution.It canbe assumed from the building techniques and building work of the buildings that.They were built during Moghul or Sultanat empire.There are found shadoues of trees,songs of birds. There is a crystal clear pond in the very entrance of the Monsa cottage. On the there sides of big yard of the main cottage there architectures are situated with their own quality.There is a two shade like bungalow,facing East,in the middle of west side of the yard .once it was used as Monsa temple .There is a larger building facing South in the North side.This two shade building is a bitdifferent design,faced to Durga temple . It was a Nahabat khana and its roof is destroyed and its most of the 1st floor and a part of the ground floor have been destroyed.There is a multi room two storeyed building long ,from North to south,in the south side of the temple house.The almost destroyed part of structure of south-west is still found .

This area of Monsa cottage is place of education as idenlified legend:

The architectural sign of Monsa cottage causes curiosity in researchers mind .This curissity will increase hearing the two legends which developed depending on Monsa cottage . At first Monsa cottage was known as Moiyurbhatlaya cottage.According to the legend,the family of Vattayacharya came from knonwz of India and started to live in Dhanuka.Moiyurbhattaya was predecess or of them .When he was embryo ,his parents ,once,started for kashi .on the way to kashi ,his mother bears him in a jungle .since his mother was devoted to religion ,she started for kashi,again,covering him with shalpata(local language).After the prayer in Kashi,god came to Vattaclearya family. The god informed them that their prayer was not granted to him. Because of leaving their just born child in the jungle without any safety . At last reslizing their fault they returned to the jungle and saw that a peacock covered the child with its wings .Since the child was sheltered by a peacock and regained its mother ,it was named Moiyurbhattaya. Later ,the house of Moiyurbhatta was named Moiyurbhatta house. That was the legend of Moiyurbhatta cottage .

The legend of Monsa cottage:

A teen boy of Moiyurbhattaya house was used to collecting flower from the garden.In a morning he saw a snake in the garden during collecting flower .Fearing for the snake he returned home without flower.Next day he again saw the snake during collecting flower.The snake came home following the boy and started to dance started rounding him. The people of the house started noticing with amazement and fear .At night goddess Monsa came to their dream and ordered them to worship her.After that there was established Monsa temple and thus Monsa cottage was named.