Bisotun:Archaeological Site



Bisotun is a city and capital of bisotun District. At the 2006 census its population was 2075 and families were 527. this is the only known monumental test of the Achaemenids to document the re-establishment of the Empire by Darihs.


Bisotiun is located along the ancient trade route linking the tranian high plateau with

Mesopotemia and features remains from the prehistoric times to the median, Achaemenid , Sassanian and Ilkhanid periods.

Long Description:

The principal monument of this archaeological site is the bas-relief and cuneiform inscription. This was ordered by darius I, the great. He rose to the throne of persion Empire during 521 BC. The bas relief portrays Darius holding a bow, as a sign of sovereignty and treading on the chest of a figure who lies on his back before him.

According to the legend, the figure represents Gaumata, the median Magus and pretender to the throne. Their assassination led to Darius’s rise to power. Below and around the bas-relifs, there are ca. 1,200 hnes of incriptions telling the story of the battles.Darins waged in 521-520 BC against the governors who attempted to take a pert the Empire founded by Cyrus.

The Description is written in three languages. The oldest is an Elamite text referring to legends describing the king and the rebellions. This is followed by Baylonian version of similar legends. The last phase of this Description

Is particularly important.Darius introduced for the first time the old Persian version of his resgestae. It also bears witness to the interchange of influeness in the development of monument art and writing in the region of the Persian Empire.There are also remains from the Median period as well as from the Achaemenid and post Achaemenid periods.