Solomon Island

Brief Description:

Solomon Islands is an Australian country.Its total area of land is 28450 square km. The total population of the country is 500000.The official language is English.The currency is Solomon Dollar.The literacy rate of the country is 76.6%.It gained independence in 1978.


Its total area 28,400 Square kilometers.

Government System:

Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy.


Its total population about 5,2300 estimated 2009.

Monetary unit:

Solomon Island Dollar

National name:

Unitary parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy.

Languages :

Pijin is spoken in Solomon Islands. It is closely related to Tok Pisin of Papua New Guinea and Bislama of Vanuatu; these might be considered dialects of a single language. It is also related to Torres Strait Creole of Torres Strait, though more distantly.

Religion :

92% of the population is affiliated with one of the following Christian churches: Anglican, 35%; Roman Catholic, 19 %; South Seas Evangelical, 17%; Methodist, 11%; and Seventh-day Adventist, 10%.


Total GDP is $1.725billion and per capita is $  3191.

Breif History:

Solomon Islands was explored in 1568 by a Spanish called Aivaro de Mandana . It was called Bourne’s Island ,Somervells Island and Sandy Island at different times.Sikaiana was annexed to the Hawaiian kingdom in 1856.The US did not recognize Hawaiian sovereignty over sikaiana whe the United states annexed Hawaiin in 1898.There was establishment of a German protectorate over the Northern Solomons for European colonial ambition. A British Solomon Islands protectorate over the southern islands was proclaimed in 1893.

The Solomon Islands was occupied by the Japanese in 1942. There was World War II on the islands over three years. The United states did the counter attack.The tough isattle for Geeadalcanal led to the development of the adjacent town of Honiara as the United states logistics centre.

During the war,Islanders Biuku Gasa and Eroni Kumana were allies scouts . for being the first mena to find the sleipwerecked John F.Kennedis his crew of the PT-109 using a traditional canoe,They became famous the Kennedy family visited than in 2002, where they still lived in traditional huts without electricity.The consequence and impact of the war was profound.There was slow reconstruction in the absence of war reparitions.Solomon Islanders experienced as labourers with the Allies.

There was again stability in the Islands in the 1950s. Elections were held again in 1970s. A new constitution was also introduced.There was civil war in Solomon Islands in the beginning of the 20th century.Malaitan took over some amouries at their home island and Honiara. There was conflict.Continuing civil war led the country an almost complete break down in normal activity.The Governor General of Solomon Islands issued an official request for international help in 2003.

There was a cyclone called Tia which wiped out most housing and crops. The Government asked for help from US and Japan to clean up the World War II shipuerecka and killing marine life.