Brief Description:

Canada is the second largest country in the world, by surface area. It is  about 9,970,610 square kilometers and its population is more than  34,000000. The name Canada came from the word “Kanata” which means  village or settlement. Maple leaf is the national emblem of Canada .


Canada is the second largest country in this planet. Its total area is 9,984,670 square kilometers. Situated in northern North America (constituting 41% of the continent’s area), Canada spans a vast, diverse territory between the North Pacific Ocean to the west and the North Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Arctic Ocean to the north (hence the country’s motto “From sea to sea”), with the United States to the south (contiguous United States) and northwest (Alaska).

Government System:

Federel Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy,


The total population is 35,427,524 and density is 3.41 per square kilometer.

Largest cities:

Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa,Edmonton, Mississauga.

Monetary unit:

Canadian Dollar

Languages :

English and French are the official languages of all federal government institutions in Canada. This means that the public has the right to communicate with, and receive services from, federal government institutions in either English or French and that federal government employees have the right to work in the official language of their choice in designated bilingual regions.

Religion :

Canada is similar to the United States in that it is a melting pot of different cultures and religions. Canada is a country without an official religion. Although about seventy-five percent of Canadian citizens claim to be practitioners of Christianity, religious pluralism is a valued part of Canada’s culture. Unfortunately, many believe Canada has entered a depressing “post-religious”period. This is a fancy why of saying that people have become cynical and stopped openly displaying their Christianity.

However, other religions still seem to be en vogue. The stark increase in immigration from areas such as Asia, Africa, and the Middle East has contributed to the expansive growth of Muslim, Buddhist, Sikh, and Hindu communities within the country of Canada. More exclusive religious cultures also call Canada home. These include the Bahá’í Faith, Unitarian Universalists, Judaism, Pagans, First Nations religions.


Total GDP is $ 1.769 trillion and per capita is $44,656.

Brief History:
Canada is one of the developed countries in the world. Canada was a monarchy  first under France and then under British crown. Canada is now a  kingdom in British crown. These lands had been occupied by Aboriginal  people. They maintained an enduring and close relationship with people  of the sovereign and the crown of Canada . the British crown occupied  the territories’ which now from Canada, either by settlement war or  cession at various times. In 1926 the imperial Conference in London  confirmed the status of Canada as self governing Dominion under British  crown. An act of the British Parliament, the statue of West minister  in 1931 gave legal from to this declarations. Governor general got the  powers of the king in 1947 . the Governor General could exercise the  power on the advance of the Canadian government. To make any change to  the position of the Queen or her representatives in Canada requires the  unanimous consent of the senate. Today there are ten provinces of  Canada . Each of the province has a separate parliament and  administration ,with a lieutenant Governor representing the Queen,  appointed by the Governor General in Council, at the had of the council .
Canada’s solders began to use the maple leaf in the 1850s. More than 600000  Canadians served in the first world war most of the people were  Volunteers, out of a total population of eight million. After the World war 1, British empire evolved into a free association of states known  as the British common wealth of Nations and Canada remains a leading  member of the commonwealth. Canada joined second world war with its  democratic allies to defeat tyranny by force of arons. The Canadians  fought bravely and suffered losses in the unsuccessful defense of Hong  kong, in 1941, from attack by Imperial Japan . At the end of the world  war Canada had the third largest navy in the world .
Canada has parliamentary Democracy. The people of Canada elect members  to the House of commons in Ottawa and to the provincial and territorial  legislatures . These representatives are responsible for passing laws, approving and monitoring expenditures and keeping the government  accountable . parliament has three parts: the sovereign (queen or king), the senate and the House of commons the provincial legislatures  comprise the lieutenant Governor and the elected Assembly .

The first companies in Canada were formed during the French and British  regimes . The financial institutions opened in the late 18th and 19thcenturies’. The Montreal stock exchange opened in1832.